Zoom Dog Behaviour Consultations

Live video assistance for your dogs behaviour

Zoom video consultations including Whatsapp/Zalo support for dog owners throughout Vietnam to assist with any behaviour issues they are experiencing with their puppy or dog. My services & fee's are listed at the bottom of this page.

If you are having any behaviour or training issues with your dog or puppy, please submit the form below (scroll down) and include any videos of your puppy or dogs behaviour. I will then read your submission and watch any included video, and then contact you and inform you if I can assist you by live video consultation.

I am certain that in the majority of cases, with my more than 35 years professional experience as a dog behaviour specialist, I can help guide you to understand why your dog is behaving the way it is, and what course of action you can take to help your dog work through the behaviour issues you are experiencing.

Zoom Consultation - Puppy

This is a very short clip from a 1 hour zoom consultation. My client signed up for the 60 day package to help guide her with the raising, training and behaviour of her new puppy, during this crucial period of new her puppy's life.

How to book your zoom consultation

Please fill in the form below to book your zoom session/s with me, and include any short video/s you may have of your dogs behaviour that you would like me to address. Once I receive your information, I will read through the information you have provided, and watch any video you have included. I will then contact you regarding my thoughts on offering a Zoom consultation, and provide payment info, and then set up a time with you for your consultation, with information on how best to prepare for your consultation.

If I feel that a video consultation is not suitable for your dogs particular behaviour issue, I will inform you before you make your appointment.

You receive a copy of your live Zoom video consultations

For each live zoom video consultation, at the completion of the consultation, I send you a link to download a copy of the consultation for you to keep as reference.

Information I require

When filling in the form below, please include as much information as you are able so I can ascertain whether I can be of assistance to you via video consultation, and to help me prepare for your consultation. By offering as much information as you can about your dog allows me not to use up too much of your zoom time asking a lot of questions about your dogs past and its behavioural issues, and therefore focus more on offering you advice. The more information you can provide me the better.

Do you speak English?

If you do not speak English, it is advisable if you can organise an English speaking family member or friend to be there for your video consultation, to assist with English to Vietnamese translations.


The consultation fee is paid in advance by direct bank transfer. I will include bank details in an email when I reply to your initial request submission.

1 hour live Zoom video consultation: 1,000,000 đ
1 hour live Zoom consultation and 28 days WhatsApp or Zalo* follow-up support: 1,800,000 đ*
30 min Zoom follow-up consultations after initial zoom consultation: 600,000 đ
*WhatsApp/Zalo follow-up consultations are text based consultations, which you can use to ask for follow-up advice from me after your zoom consultation. You can also send videos of any behavioural issues. Responses are usually within 4 to 6 hours.

Book your zoom consultation

Please use this form to request a zoom consultation. When you have input your name, more fields will appear asking questions about your dog, and allow uploading of video if you have any. Please answer the questions truthfully. Once I receive this form I will make contact with you.

Please check the boxes that represent your dogs behaviour
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You can upload any video or photos you feel may help me understand your dogs issues. Maximum 100mb.