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38acd84ee4b027ee7ea1Service: Puppy Home Training Package
Location: Ho Chi Minh
Client: Linh
Dog: Teddy
Mark. I gotta say I’m really appreciate all of your knowledge and dedication in dog training. I think we’re going to meet again for some of your other courses. Please keep doing what you do and I hope that you’d have a firm business here in Vietnam ;)

lunaService: Zoom/Whatsapp Consultations
Location: Hanoi
Client: Karen
Dog: Lupa

I contacted Mark because Lupa, my rescue dog, was struggling with her confidence. She was very shy with people, nervous on walks, and didn’t like friends in the house. In just a week, using Mark’s advice around her walks and introductions to friends, Lupa’s confidence increased almost daily!

Now, she is far more relaxed, loves her walks, is open and friendly with other dogs, and has even started building trust relationships with some of my friends.

Marks’ advice was practical, and respectful of Lupa and her process, which was really lovely. And she’s responded so well! Thank you Mark, I will definitely be recommending you to all of my friends.

thuyService: Home Consultations
Location: Ho Chi Minh
Client: Thuy Dinh
Dog: Banh Mee

I believe Banh mee was one of the first students when Mark came to Vietnam. Banh mee was aggressive, hard to control and he bit me multiple times to the point I could not even touch him at all. Our relationship was horrible and I was desperate for a professional help. I spent every night watching youtube and reading training tips but my boy seemed to just become even more aggressive. I found some trainers in HCMC and even many friends offered to help but I was hesitant since I wanted someone with a qualified background. He was so important I did not want to use my boy as a test object. Thank God we found Mark on his first days to Vietnam. He met all the requirements of a professional dog trainer we were looking for. On top of that, Mark was understanding and kind and he always replied to my msgs instantly.You can see that he loves dog and knows well what he’s doing. Mark helped me understand dogs psychology and how to build our relationship with trust. It’s funny when you see my dog around him, he turns into a different guy, completely obedient. But don't expect Mark to do all the job for you. Getting a professional trainer is one thing but to success it depends on your own willingness to learn. It takes time and dedication and it won’t happen over a night. I am now Mark’s PR girl! I introduce him to all the people with dogs that I know. It’s so important to put your dogs in good hand especially in Vietnam there are not many qualified people like Mark.

cuasml Service: Zoom/Zalo consultation package - Home Consultation
Location: Hanoi
Client: An Nuygen
Dog: Cua

Mark has been amazing! 

So I contacted Mark as soon as my dog, Cua, got home, when he was about 11 weeks old. And I am so glad I did. Mark helps me to decide everything related to Cua, and better yet: prevent bad behaviors. I have seen dogs jump on people when excited or bark at everything and everywhere, chew furniture. Cua is 18 weeks now and I can proudly say he’s a pretty good dog. He knows 11 commands, he waits for me to tell him to walk in and out of the elevator or the door, has never jumped on anyone but sit instead. He still has a lot to learn and practice but I am confident with Mark’s help we will get there. 

My dream was for Cua to behave well enough to take him to my office with me, but with his progress so far, it’s not a dream anymore. We have been working virtually and I am very happy with the result.