Reactive dog - Loose leash walking
    Luring at group class - Malinois
    Group Class
    Private Lesson - loose lead walking
    Zoom consultation - Puppy training
    Loose lead walking - Husky
    Onlead lead aggression
    Puppy Training - loose lead walking
    Group Class - insecure reactive Poodle
    e-collar training

    Dog Training Services

    Vietnam's most qualified dog trainer & behaviour specialist. 40 years professional experience.

    Dog behaviour modification & obedience training in your own home
    Help get your puppy off to the right start with my home training. For puppies 8 to 18 weeks of age.
    Group dog obedience classes, for a well behaved dog.
    Does the dog you are considering for adoption have any underlying psychological or behavioural issues that you should be aware of?
    Do you live too far away for a private home dog behaviour consultation? If so, then my zoom consultations may assist you.
    Dog training and behaviour workshops and seminars