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    If you are experiencing behavioural issues with your dog, make sure you seek assistance from a true qualified and accredited professional dog behaviour specialist, such as myself. With more than 40 years as a professional dog behaviour specialist in Australia (and now almost 2 years in Vietnam), I can assist you with any behaviour or training issues you are experiencing with your puppy or dog. I offer behaviour modification assistance and obedience training in the privacy of your own home, local area or park, and also group obedience classes.

    I specialise in all types of behavioural issues, such as, aggression (dog to dog, and dog to human), anxiety, separation stress, basic to advanced obedience, lead pulling, fear issues, hyper-arousal, over-excitement, barking, and any other unwanted behaviour you maybe experiencing with your dog. You can be assured, that you will be working with the most qualified and experienced dog behaviour specialist in Vietnam. Please, don't place your dogs unwanted behaviours in the hands of amateurs or trainers with minimal experience. In most cases, when your dog is exhibiting behavioural issues, it can be due to your dog being distressed or anxiety related, and therefore its very important we understand all the underlying issues that could be contributing to your dog behaving the way it is, and not just deal with the surface issues. Unless we deal with the underlying causes for your dogs behaviour, you can be causing your dog to become even more distressed or anxious, and therefore possibly creating new unwanted behavioural issues, or making the current unwanted behaviour/s even worse. Please, click on the buttons below to read about all of my services and fees.

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    Helping your dog work through behaviour issues, or to be more obedient for you, takes commitment from you and your family. You and your family are your dogs greatest influence, and therefore, if you are not committed to the process, or consistent with your dogs training, we cannot expect your dog to work through its behaviour issues, or to be more obedient for you. So please, if you a booking a service with me, commit yourself to the process. I am here to fully support you.
     Dog to human aggression can be a long process to work through, depending on the reason for the aggressive response and how intense and ingrained the aggression is. If you are booking a consultation to help with aggression issues, you will need to book my In-Home Dog Behaviour & Obedience Package. You will see this service when you click on the red button below.

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    Home Dog Behaviour and Training Consultations

    aggdogAre you having any behaviour issues with your dog? If you live with your dog in an apartment, it can be very stressful for both you and your dog if we don't set the correct rules and boundaries to help your dog to settle into living in an apartment environment. I can guide you to have a better behaved dog that is a joy to have at home, and when out in public.

    Anxiety - Aggression - Barking - Toilet training - Overly excited behaviour - Cannot be left alone - Fears - Walking - Obedience
    Any behaviour and obedience issues
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    Puppy Classes - 10 to 16 weeks of age

    headtailsml4Help get your dogs life off to the right start early, during this critical period by attending our puppy classes at Head to Tail Pet Spa in An Phu, District 2.

    Help set the right foundation for your puppy between the ages of 10 to 16 weeks, so you can ensure your puppy matures into a well behaved dog, and also ensure behaviour issues do not develop as your puppy matures.

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    Home Puppy Training

    pupconsultHelp get your puppy off to the right start in life. The first 18 weeks are the most critical period of your dogs development. I offer puppy training lessons at your home for puppy's 8 to 18 weeks of age. Set the right foundation for your puppy from day one and avoid behaviour issues in the future.

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    Group Dog Training Classes

    Saigon's only group dog obedience classes are held regularly in District 2.  Group Class Location Map

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