Puppy Classes - District 2

Set the right foundation to ensure your puppy matures to be a well balanced and well behaved dog, and help make sure bad behaviours do not develop in the future..

 Build a solid foundation early to ensure your puppy develops into a well behaved and socially stable dog

miniature poodle puppyGetting a new puppy can be a very daunting and stressful period for both you and your puppy. But it doesn't need to be. With Mark's more than 40 years of experience and expertise, he is here to guide you and offer you support to help make this period easier for both you and your puppy.

The first 18 weeks of your puppy's life is the most critical period for your puppy's development. Everything your puppy learns during this period will stay with your puppy, whether that be desirable or undesirable behaviours. Please, don't believe that your puppy will grow out of undesirable or bad behaviours. It is more than likely that unwanted behaviours will strengthen over time, and make it even more difficult to modify as your puppy matures. Mark is here to guide you and to help you understand your puppy better, and to ensure that you and your puppy have a very fulfilling life together. During these classes you will learn how to make sure your puppy matures into a well balanced, well behaved, happy and confident dog.

  • Location: Head to Tail - website
      • số 1 đường Giang Văn Minh, An Phú, Quận 2
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  • Upcoming class commencement dates
    • commencing February 2023
  • Duration: 1 hour class once a week for 4 weeks
  • Age: Your puppy can commence the class from 10 weeks of age and up to 16 weeks of age.*
  • Fee: 1.800.000 đ  per puppy for the 4 week class. Information on payment will be immediately emailed to you when you submit the puppy registration form by clicking on the button below.

*Please ensure your puppy is up to date with its vaccination. Please bring your pups vaccination record with you to the first class, or attach a photo of it when you submit the form below.

Register your puppy for the class

Puppy Class Registration Form (click here)

  • Your puppy will have supervised socialisation with the other puppies in the class. Mark will demonstrate during these socialisation periods what is acceptable interaction and what is not.
  • You will be advised on how to raise your puppy to be a stable and psychologically well-balanced and behaved dog, and to help ensure your puppy does not develop issues such as anxiety, hyper-arousal, aggression, dependency and insecurity issues.
  • Instruction on how to start your puppy’s obedience training utilising positive reinforcement.
  • Information on how to not set your puppy up for failure, so as not to develop unacceptable or bad habits.
  • How to stop undesirable behaviours, if they develop.
  • How to introduce and socialise your puppy with people and other dogs correctly.
  • Instruction on basic dog psychology, so you can understand your puppy better, and therefore your puppy can better understand you.
  • Instruction on toilet training your puppy
  • Mark will also be available to answer any training or behaviour questions at the end of each class.
  • Receive Mark's puppy behaviour and training manual

In-Home Puppy Training
If you cannot attend these puppy classes, you maybe interested in my in-home puppy training package. Click here for more information.
Group Classes for dogs 5 months or older
Puppies that complete the puppy class receive a 15% discount for the group class. If your puppy is 5 months or older, you can join my group obedience classes with your dog. Click here for more information