Mark is an internationally renowned & respected dog behaviour specialist

I do not use any cruel, abusive or harsh training methods, as you will observe in some dog training in Vietnam.

I am an Australian Government & Military Accredited Dog Behaviour Specialist with 41 years experience.

In-home training lesson - 4 Corgis' learning "place" command. 14 minute video.

1.5 to 2 hour consultation. Firstly, please be sure to understand, sending your dog away to a training school to be 'forced' to learn to do tricks will not help solve your dogs behaviour issues that you are having. Behaviour issues such as aggressive behaviour, anxiety, fears, separation stress, incessant barking, toilet training, etc, should be dealt with in the dogs environment, its home. That is unless the issues that need to be dealt with require more intensive training by an expert dog behaviour specialist such as myself, as the behaviour modification process maybe beyond the dogs owners capabilities, or it is obvious that the dog needs to be separated from the owner to work through its issues. If I feel this is the case, I will discuss options with you. I can make special arrangement with you to take your dog for a period of time to work your dog through its behavioural issues.  However, in the majority of cases, I work with you in your home.

Your relationship with your dog has a major influence on your dogs behaviour, not someone else you send it away too, to 'learn tricks'. I help you to understand your dog better, to ensure you have the correct relationship, and guide you through modifying your dogs behaviour. Sadly, I have become aware, after having assisted many dog owners, that they were mislead to have their dog sent to a school, and then after 3 months of training and a lot of money wasted, found there was no change in their dogs behaviour, and in many cases, the behaviour issues became worse. Not only that, many dogs came home in a terrible condition. Modifying behaviours is a very specialised field, and not a dog trainer that has little understanding of dogs natural behaviours, drives and instincts, and also comprehensive understanding of operant and classical conditioning. Also the behaviour specialist needs to be fully conversant with a dogs emotional states, how to read them, and their triggers. (learning theories - you can read more about these here).

My initial consultation is for approximately 1.5 hours to 2 hours, and consists of me discussing your dogs issues, observing your dog in its home environment, and understanding your dogs relationship with family members. All this information is essential for me to have a full understanding of why your dog is behaving the way it is. Once I have a full picture of your dogs issues, I will explain to you why your dog has the behavioural issues, and then guide you on how you can help modify your dogs behaviour. My initial consultation includes 90 days Whatsapp or Zalo Support.

Submission form

Please use the submission form on this page to request further information or to book a consultation. The form has a number of questions for you to answer to help me have an understanding of the relationship you have with your dog, its behaviours, and about its home environment. This saves me asking you a lot of questions directly, and I am therefore better able to suggest the best service for you and your dog and the fee. Once I receive your form, I will read through your submission, and then I usually email you back my observations based on the information you have given me, and offer you suggestions on the best course of action to take. We can then make contact via whatsapp or zalo to confirm your booking. I prefer this way then taking phone calls, as usually I cannot answer due to either being with a client, or out training dogs.

Severe behavioural issues

If your dog has severe issues, such as aggression, you may require more than one visit by me. If during my first visit I feel that additional visits by me would be beneficial for you and your dog, I can design a behaviour package for you and your dogs specific needs.

Board & Train - Behaviour modification 
If after a discussion we feel that your dogs behavioural issues are beyond your capabilities to work your dog through its issues, or you don't feel confident enough to work your dog through its issues, I do offer a service to take your dog for remedial training and behaviour modification for a prescribed number of days. Your dog will lodge at Head to Tail Spa and Hotel, and I will work your dogs through its behavioural issues for you. 
Also, there are some behavioural issues whereby it is possibly more beneficial for the dog to be removed from the family and home environment for a period of time, to offer the dog the best chance of rehabilitation.
Aggressive dog home consultation
1 to 1.5  hour lessons. If you are not having any major behavioural issues with your dog, and would just like to learn how to obedience train your dog, these lessons are for around 1 hour. I meet you at your local park, or a location that isn't too busy, and has enough space to do your dogs training. These lessons can include, calm lose lead walking, sits, stays, lay down, recall/come, distance control. To help you have better overall control of your dog when out in public. You can have one lesson to focus on one area of your dogs obedience, or I can design an obedience package to suit you and your dog, and your requirements.

Or you may prefer my group classes. You can read more about this class here.

In-Home Puppy Training Package

  • 4 x in-home weekly puppy training lessons*
  • Whatsapp/Zalo support for the duration of the package

Getting a new puppy can be a very daunting and stressful period for both you and your puppy. But it doesn't need to be. With my more than 40 years of experience, I am here to guide you and offer you support to help make this period easier for both you and your puppy. The first 18 weeks of your puppy's life is the most critical period for your puppy's development. Everything your puppy learns during this period will stay with your puppy, whether that be desirable or undesirable behaviours. Please, don't believe that your puppy will grow out of undesirable behaviours if not dealt with early, it is more than likely these behaviours will strengthen over time, and make it even more difficult to modify as your puppy matures. I am here to guide you and to help you understand your puppy better, and to ensure that you and your puppy have a very fulfilling life together.

In-home guidance and training, to assist you getting your puppy off to the right start in the privacy of your own home. This puppy package consists of 4 x home visits, for puppies up to 16 weeks of age. I come to your home once a week, to guide you through this crucial period of your puppy's development. Your home lessons are for around 1 to 1.5 hours.

During these home visits you will learn everything you need to know and be aware of when raising your new puppy.

  • Puppy proofing your home
  • Advice on how to raise your puppy correctly to ensure your pup matures into an obedient, stable, and psychologically well-balanced dog, and not develop issues such as anxiety, hyper-arousal and dependency
  • You will be instructed on how to start your puppy’s basic obedience training using positive reinforcement methods
  • Information on how to not set your puppy up for failure, so as not to develop unacceptable behaviours
  • How to ensure bad behaviours do not develop
  • How to ensure aggressive behaviour does not develop
  • Setting the right rules and boundaries
  • Toilet training your puppy
  • How to introduce your puppy to other people and dogs correctly, to ensure your puppy develops correct social skills
  • Better understand basic dog psychology and learning theory, so you can understand your puppy better, and your puppy can understand you

You also receive follow-up support between home lessons on WhatsApp or Zalo during these 4 home lessons.

Do you speak english?
If you do not speak or understand english, please ensure you have a family member or friend attend the lesson with you, to assist with translation.
Please contact me for fee. Fee is dependent on your location, number of dogs, and behaviour issues to be addressed.
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