Internationally acclaimed & renowned dog behaviour specialist

Mark is a former Australian military dog trainer, and Australian government accredited

Saigon's Only Dog Obedience Group Classes
41 years Australian government accredited dog trainer and dog behaviour specialist
For dogs 5 months and older. All breeds.
Thao Dien, District 2 Classes 
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The Boat Yard:  You can enter from 232 Nguyễn Văn Hưởng, or 106 Đ. Quốc Hương, Thảo Điền, Quận 2.
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Next class commencement date:
District 2:
Sunday 19 March 2023 at 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Sunday 29 January 2023 @ 6:30pm to 7:30pm  (fully booked)
Sunday 20 November 2022 @ 6:30pm to 7:30pm (fully booked)
District 9: Commencing February 2023. Date to be confirmed
Class fees
6 week Class 2,500,000 đ (class has been extended from 5 to 6 weeks)
These classes are to teach you how to train your dog correctly, and how to work your dog through behaviour issues in a group environment, around other dogs and people. Its important that you watch listen and learn from me during these lessons, and then be consistent at maintaining the training you learn during the class.
Please use the Group Class registration form down the bottom of this page. Once you submit the form, please check your email for more information about payment options and details about attending the class. When you submit the form, it is not a commitment to attend the class, its only to register your interest in attending. You will receive further information in the email you receive, on how to confirm your place on the class if you wish to attend.
Week 5 of group class - Long distance stays & recall
Dog Age
This class is for dogs that are 5 months and older. Please ensure your dog is up-to-date with its vaccinations
Structured training
This is a 6 week structured class, to help guide you to train your dog. You attend class once a week for 6 weeks. Each class runs for approximately 1 hour. Its important that you are able to commit yourself to the 6 week program. If you must miss one class, its not usually a problem as you can catch up during the following classes, however its important you try attend at least 5 classes. Please note however, there is no refund for missed classes. This class will guide you to train your dog around other dogs to be better behaved, and also learn how to understand your dog better. We also help dogs work through behavioural issues such as aggression and fear.
Group Chat Zalo
When you join the class, you are also a member of my zalo group chat for your class. So its important you have zalo on your phone. The group chat is so I can update class members if for example we need to cancel a class due to bad weather or any other unforeseen emergencies. If a class is cancelled due to bad weather, or any other emergency, the class is extended another week. So you still have your 6 lessons. Also the chat can be used by members to ask any questions about their dogs training.
Classes are each Sunday at 6:30pm and finish by 7:30pm
 Please try and arrive at class before the commencement time, so the class is not interrupted by members arriving late. I am usually there around 6:15pm. When class finishes at 7:30pm, I am available until 7:50pm, if you have any questions, or issues with your dog you'd like to discuss with me.
Group Class Information
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Your dog

  • Please ensure your dog is on a leash, and that your dog cannot escape the leash. Please make sure that whatever your dog is wearing, collar or harness, that it is on tight enough so your dog cannot slip out of it. Make sure your leash is in good condition and will not break
  • Please do not have your dog on a retractable leash.
  • Bring bags to pick up after your dog if it toilets.
  • If your dog is food motivated, please bring your dogs favourite treats. The higher the value the treat for your dog the better.
  • Make sure you are wearing suitable footwear. Please don't wear thong (flip flop) type footwear that you can easily slip on. The area we train on is AstroTurf.
  • If your dog is aggressive towards people and is muzzle trained, please do bring your dogs muzzle.
  • When you arrive for your first class, please keep at least 4 metres away from the other dogs and their owners. I do not want any dogs to interact with other dogs when you first arrive. Please make sure you maintain a firm grip on your dogs leash.
  • When you arrive I will direct you to where I would like you to stand. You will see cones on the ground in the training area. I will direct you to one of these cones. I then ask you to stay in the vicinity of that cone until I instruct otherwise.
  • Please understand, some dogs that attend may not be social with other dogs or people. Respect the other dog owners personal space.
  • Don't forget to bring enough cash to pay for your package, if you have not already paid by bank transfer

If its raining, and I decide to cancel a class your particular class package is not affected. For each week a class is cancelled by me due to bad weather, or for whatever reason, I add another week to the class. However, if a class is scheduled to run and you choose not to attend, you forfeit that class. There is no refund for classes you choose not to attend.

This really depends on your dog, however, you will not be able to train your dog to stop pulling on the lead, or have good control of your dog using a harness. Harnesses trigger what we call "opposition reflex response" in your dog (I will discuss this and demonstrate during your first lesson). This is the natural instinct to fight or pull away from resistance.  For most dogs I recommend either a flat collar or slip lead to help settle your dog down to stop pulling on the lead, and have better overall control of your dog. If your dog is highly food motivated, we will use food as positive reinforcement for your dog. If your dog is not food motivated, then we use praise. My training methods focus mainly on using a combination of negative and positive reinforcement. That means rewarding your dog for positive behaviour responses. You can read more about these principles here

I will guarantee, that if you are committed to training your dog, you will achieve excellent results with your dog, and very quickly. However, I cannot guarantee to what level you will achieve with your dogs training, that all depends on how motivated you are. This class is to teach you to train your dog, I am not training your dog for you. However, yes, I will at times when I see you having issues, or to demonstrate a particular method, will do some training with dogs on the class. However, how well your dog does is entirely up to you. The more you put into your dogs training, the better the results you will achieve. Having a well-behaved dog is achieved by maintaining a regular training schedule with your dog, and being consistent, not only in class, but at home, and wherever you are with your dog. If you are only going to train your dog in class, then sure, you may achieve good results in class, but not necessarily at home, or when out walking your dog. What you learn in class are life skills you take with your dog, no matter where you and your dog are. If you are joining the class expecting me to train your dog for you, then this is not the class for you. If you are dedicated to having a well-behaved dog, and willing to put the work in, then yes you will have a dog that is respectful and obedient to you, develop a stronger bond with you, and a dog you will be proud to own. Your dog is learning from you, every single moment you are together.

These classes are not for dogs to run around playing with each other. They are to help you train your dog, and work through behaviour issues you are having. These classes are designed to teach you how to maintain control of your dog under any type of distraction, and teach your dog to be responsive for you. However, we do introduce controlled socialisation.

Yes your dog can. One of the major issues we work through during these classes, is antisocial behaviour.  I help you work your dog through these issues. If however, you have a dog that will redirect its aggression onto you, and try to bite you when it sees other dogs, please let me know in the form (above) you submit to request to join the class. 

My training methods are adjusted to suit the particular dog and issues we are dealing with. If you'd like to understand my philosophy on dog training and methods, you can read them by clicking here

I will not allow or tolerate any abusive treatment towards dogs on my class. Anybody that is seen getting angry at their dog and/or being physically abusive, will immediately be warned, and if it continues, that member will be asked to leave the class, and not return.

No... Any and all breeds are welcome.

All dogs attending must be 5 months or older, and be up-to-date with their vaccinations

Yes they can. However, I prefer if they stay outside the training area. There are seats outside the training area for visitors and family members to sit, where they can observe the class, and you can keep an eye on your children. Also, it can be confusing for the dog if family members are both with the dog and unintentionally giving different cues to the dog, whilst it's trying to learn.

For safety reasons, when we are trying to train dogs in the class, especially dogs with social issues such as aggression, I prefer very children not be allowed in the training area.

You can of course share the training of your dog with other members of the family or partners, therefore you can change over and share the training during the class if you desire. If your child is 13 or over, they can also be involved with your dogs training, under your direct supervision. However, if they are not directly involved in the training, they must stay outside the training area.

Unfortunately, I am sorry to say, my Vietnamese is extremely limited, so it is preferred if you have a fairly good understanding of the English language.

If you have a friend that speaks English and can translate for you, they are welcome join the class with you.

The reason I chose Zalo over WhatsApp, is that it appears to be the most popular of the 2 in Vietnam. I prefer all group class members to be in the same group chat, as it makes it easier for me to communicate with all members directly, without the need to keep repeating myself. Also members can discuss their dogs training with the entire group, and also ask me questions about their dogs training that may also benefit other members of the class.

So, please do install Zalo. If you choose not too, that is of course your choice. However, you may miss out on a lot of important information, by not being a member of that chat group.



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