Whether you have a new puppy or an adopted dog you feel you need to understand better, and learn how to raise and train correctly, I am here to assist you.

    If your dog is displaying unwanted behaviours, like aggression (towards people, other dogs or animals), fear, anxiety, can't be left alone, barking, overly excited behaviour, or difficult to walk on the lead, I am your true professional with years of experience assisting dog owners of all breeds, and for all behaviour and training issues. Please do scroll down and read through my services, then feel free to contact me to discuss your dog and the issues you'd like to address.

    Dog Training Services

    Vietnam's most qualified dog trainer & behaviour specialist. All my services and prices are listed.

    Dog behaviour modification & obedience training in your own home
    Group dog obedience classes, for a well behaved dog.
    Help get your puppy off to the right start with my home training. For puppies 8 to 16 weeks of age.
    Dog behaviour assessment before adopting or renting apt/house
    Do you live too far away for a private home dog behaviour consultation? If so, then my zoom consultations may assist you.
    Dog training and behaviour workshops and seminars

    Dog Behaviour & Training Blog